WATCH: Remember when Tiger Woods farted during Graeme McDowell’s tee shot?

Tiger Woods let one rip during pal Graeme McDowell’s tee shot at the 2011 Tavistock Cup.

Tiger has  reputation for his liberal approach to gut-dropping.

Goat’s love for farting is well known, a passion he shares with David Feherty:

Apparently, it’s well known in the inner circles of the golf world that these two jokesters love their beefeaters. It’s the bond that has sealed their friendship.

Dashiell Bennett.

The stories of Tiger’s bowl movements are legendary:

A few years ago, I interviewed Feherty before the Toshiba Classic at Newport Beach Country Club, and he confessed that he, Woods and Tiger’s caddie, Steve Williams, sometimes have off-camera farting contests during tournaments.

Randy Youngman.

Here’s another angle of said infraction.