GameGolf: Good enough for Obama, good enough for you

Sharon Wong
Source: AO
Source: AP

When you buy apps, you probably expect to spend around a dollar or two at most, if not nothing at all. But GameGolf will charge you a staggering £160 ($246) for the privilege of making use of it. Now, before you swipe left, we’d like to emphasize that GameGolf has the potential to put your playing skills on par with those of some very famous people. We don’t mean Rory or Spieth. That might be pushing it. But what about President Obama?

GameGolf’s customary red widget has been spotted perched on Obama’s belt when he was out on the course. As he plays, the PC/smartphone system scans the club he plays with and logs in every shot via GPS. On the way back via private jet, he can download the findings from his round and map out his strengths and weaknesses. He can compare every shot and putt he made on the round to those on previous rounds and determine where he needs to improve from there.

But if you’re not a careful reader or a low handicapper, you might be in for some punishment. Apparently, you have to log each and every single shot played on your round, which would be torture if you score more above par than below. Also, the dense tutorial is not for the faint of heart and is geared towards intrepid, enthusiastic instruction manual readers.

So is it worth £160? Maybe to the President. But for us mere mortals, well, who knows?