Golfer dies after being stung 20 times by bees

Sharon Wong
Source: Stephane Mahe/Reuters
Source: Stephane Mahe/Reuters

Now for some not-so-funny news. In a tragic turn of events, a golfer managed to incur the wrath of a furious beehive while he was out looking for a ball on a Northern Michigan course. Daryl Dever of Powell, Ohio was golfing with a doctor friend of his on the Northern course of the Treetops resort. They had wandered into a wooded area when bees emerged from the ground and stung Dever at least 20 times in his head and neck.

According to Sergeant Mark Tamlyn, he was pronounced dead on Wednesday after some breathing difficulties. While he had no known allergies to beestings, even the least susceptible of us can lose our lives if we’re stung enough times.

So for those of you out enjoying a round today, don’t get lost in the woods.