Ezekiel Elliott tackles fan who ran on field during Pro Bowl

This year’s Pro Bowl was pretty uneventful. The AFC beat a low scoring NFC team 20-13. But the play of the night was watching a kid run on the field and proceed to the end zone. However, before he got to celebrate, he had to get passed a certain Dallas Cowboys running back in a crop-top. Ezekiel Elliott made it his business to stop (or at least try to) stop an overzealous fan from interrupting the game and running on the field. And it was awesome to watch. 

If you were struggling to stay awake watching the Pro Bowl, you weren’t the only one. What was mostly a snooze fest took a turn for excitement when Cowboys’ star running back Ezekiel Elliott tackled a fan who decided it was a good idea to run onto the field at Camping World Stadium in Orlando. Though Zeke took him down for a brief moment, the kid somehow managed to continue to take off into the end zone and pay homage to Cam Newton with his signature “Superman” reveal. Elliott gave chase before actual security guards apprehended the trespasser. Watch:

The entire incident was bizarre, but not as weird as some of these other streakers – see for yourself:

Fortunately, it appears nobody got too upset or injured during the incident. Actually, it looks like some of the players had some fun with the kid (probably to keep from falling asleep).

Zeke took to his own Instagram to give himself props for good tackling form:

Perfect form tackle! My Pro Bowl wrapped in a nut shell ?

A photo posted by Ezekiel Elliott (@ezekielelliott) on

Either way, Zeke can now add crop-top hero to his already impressive resume. No word and what made him chase down the kid but it sure as hell was fun to watch.


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