4 Women Rate the Top 10 Golfers in the World (And They’re Brutally Honest)


As a woman, I want to date someone tall and handsome, preferably someone with a healthy tan. Women aren’t obsessed with visuals like blokes are however. We look beyond this shallow and superficial phenomenon. We care about the entire package, putting as much value on a man’s personality as his looks.

In this piece, four women got together and decided to rank the top ten golfers in the world out of 10. Yes, looks are very much a part of their scores, but so is their general vibe and personality.

Jordan Spieth (8.2/10)

jordan spieth

Photo courtesy of Golf Digest

Jennifer – “Hello cowboy. Handsome and king of the world. Seems like a grounded guy too. Solid 8.”

Katie – “I’m not in to the whole western thing so this photo is throwing me off. Looks like a handsome guy though so I’ll give him an 7.”

Sofia  – “Yes please. I’m from Texas so a golfer mixed with a bit of cowboy is dreamy combo. 10.”

Courtney  – “Look at those green eyes. He seems super confident. He gets an 8.”

Rory McIlroy (6.3/10)

Rory McIlroy

Photo courtsey of New York Post

Jennifer – “Hmm. I like the whole glasses and suit look but he’s not my type really. 6.5.″

Katie – “Looks sharp and handsome. I give him a 8.″

Sofia – “Nahh. 5″

Courtney – “Ok he can put himself together. He’s cute, maybe a little on the short side. Meh. 6.”

Jason Day (8.4/10)

Jason Day

Photo courtesy of gamedayr.com

Jennifer – “I wish he was my Super Man. Easy 9.″

Katie – “What a cutie! He definitely looks like a fun guy. 8.″

Sofia – “Haha yes he looks fun and sweet. 7.5.″

Courtney – “Oh my yes please. Super Man and super golfer! I would gladly be his Lois Lane. 9″

Bubba Watson (4.1/10)

Bubba Watson

Photo courtesy of New York Post

Jennifer – “Mehhh I know too much about his personality. Pretty odd looking too. 5, and that’s being generous.”

Katie – “Meh, he’s okay, nothing special. Creeps me out with his vibe. 4.5.”

Sofia – “No thanks. 4.”

Courtney – “Well he could be cute. I like that he makes funny videos and is interesting but somebody needs to teach him some social skills it sounds like. Hard to rank him on sex appeal alone. Is a 3 harsh?”

Rickie Fowler (9/10)

Rickie Fowler

Photo courtesy of wheelsup.com

Jennifer – “How can you not love Rickie Fowler?! Sexy! 10.”

Katie – “Hot, fun and confident. I love that he has fun with his style. 9.”

Sofia – “He’s fun but not my type. Too short, but his personality makes up for it. 7.”

Courtney – “I’ll be your next Alexis, Rickie. Solid 10.”

Henrik Stenson (7.5/10)

henrik stenson

Photo courtesy of Golf Digest

Jennifer – “Nice legs, cracking body! He looks like fun. 9”

Katie – “Not exactly my type but he’s tall and in pretty good shape. Hey undies 😉 8”

Sofia – “Haha what happened here? I give him an 8 for being fun and having the balls to strip down on the course. Heard Swedes aren’t great lovers.”

Courtney – “Ugg what the heck was he thinking? 5”

Jim Furyk (4/10)

jim furyk

Photo courtesy of cleveland.com

Jennifer – “Lol, he’s a bit too old! Not exactly a looker. Sorry. 4.”

Katie – “Umm, reminds me way too much of my father! Instant no-no. 3.”

Sofia – “Nahhhh. 5”

Courtney – “Dinosaur! I remember my dad being a fan of his back in the 90’s. 4.”

Justin Rose (7.8/10)

Justin Rose

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

Jennifer – “Sultry look and showing off the bum in white pants haha. Justin is the best! 8.”

Katie – “This photo haha. He seems like the nicest guy on tour and is tall, fit and handsome. 8.”

Sofia – “His personality is a major bonus. He is so cute. I love him. 7.5.”

Courtney – “British, sweet, handsome and successful. Uh, does anyone have his number? 8.”

Dustin Johnson (6/10)

Dustin Johnson

Sourced from Sky Sports

Jennifer – “I’ve read too many bad things about this guy. I’m just not a fan. 4.”

Katie – “Ok, he’s kind of cute. I’ve always been attracted to bad boys. 7.”

Sofia – “If I didn’t know about his reputation I might think he was cute. 5”

Courtney – “You know what they say about a guy that can hit it 350 yards? 8.”

Sergio Garcia (7.1/10)

Sergio Garcia

Photo courtesy of Omega Watches

Jennifer – “Cute. cute. cute. His height might be an issue, but I bet he makes up for it in feistiness. Muahah. 6.5.”

Katie – “I’ve had bad experiences dating Spanish men, but I do like his smile. 7.”

Sofia – “Vamos Sergio! 7.”

Courtney – “He seems like a guy that has mood swings. I bet he’s a cracking lover though. Doesn’t hurt that he’s Spanish. 8.”