Shane Lowry misses the Tiger Woods that once was

Sharon Wong

shane lowry
Source: Sky Sports

While Tiger Woods’ career has been on the wane for a while, Shane Lowry is experiencing a burst of success and renown in his own. But his own good fortune has not hindered his ability to empathize with Tiger’s obvious difficulties both in the public eye and on the course. Watching the former Number 1 golfer stumble from gaffe after gaffe elicits a twinge of sympathy and sadness from Lowry.

“I grew up watching Tiger, so for me Tiger is the only player I would be in awe of. I think Tiger is a legend. He has made golf what it is today. He is the reason us players, caddies or anyone working in the golf industry makes the money we do. I hope he comes back, it would be great for the game if he comes back. It would be great to see Tiger back battling it out with Rory Mcilroy, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth and those guys. Do I think he will? It’s hard to say. I think he is struggling between the ears. He has to be.”

What’s more, Shane Lowry swears by the fact that Tiger Woods has not actually misplaced his genius. He’s just as good on the practice grounds as he once was in tournaments, but can’t seem to muster the same caliber of play when he’s under scrutiny.

“I watch him on the range a bit, when I’m at a tournament. He flushes it on the range, he doesn’t miss a shot. Then he goes on the golf course, and hits in 100 yards off-line. It’s weird, it’s actually sad to see and it could get to a stage where he gets that fed up with it, that he has to retire, and that would be a killer for the game.”

We’d sneak up on Tiger at practice for a glimpse of former glory, but we’re afraid that will ruin the magic.