Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth Have Some Bro-Time


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Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth were seen bonding over a different shape ball this weekend when they shared Tony Romo’s private suite during the Giants vs Cowboys game on Sunday.

In between plays, NBC cut to some of the celebs in attendance at AT&T Stadium. Among them was Tiger Woods, sitting next to a young chap in a red Cowboys hat. Turns out it was two-time major champion Jordan Spieth, who NBC did not recognise.




1. How to handle the pressure of being world number 1

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Since turning #1 in the world, Jordan Spieth’s golf game has fallen off a cliff. Woods – who spent 683 weeks as the world’s top player – knows a thing or two about dealing with media scrutiny. Perhaps he gave Spieth some tips on how to handle the burden of being the best.

2. Why Spieth should sign with Nike

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All great athletes sign with Nike, right? Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Tiger Woods, Rodger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Rory McIlroy are just a handful under Team Nike. Jordan Spieth would be in elite company if he joined the Nike stable.

3. How to score chicks and not get caught

Tiger Woods was a master of secrets. For almost a decade, the world was fooled into thinking Woods was a loving family man with a perfect marriage. Woods and his entourage covered his philandering up as well as Hilary Clinton covered up Benghazi.Could he be offering Spieth advice? God, let’s hope not.

4. When Tony Romo will retire?

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At aged 35, Tony Romo is no spring chicken. Romo has hinted at retirement over the past couple of seasons, but has probably taken inspiration from 38-year old Tom Brady who still looks like he’s in the peak of his career.