Is Tiger Woods’ ex-mistress erasing him from her mind?

Sharon Wong

Source: AP

Rachel Uchitel has been through many traumatizing things. Her first investment banker husband was killed in the 9/11 attacks and then, Tiger Woods happened. She’s been married and divorced since then, but if Jordan Spieth himself failed to make a splash next to Tiger, how could anyone else hold a candle to him? We wouldn’t be surprised if she was keen on forgetting the man whose public downfall luridly exposed her to the critical public eye. If there was ever a chance to make like Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine and totally rebuild her memory from scratch, we suspect she might jump at it.


So when the news came out that she’ll be undergoing brain surgery in mid-September, we really couldn’t help but wonder. The official reason is that she has Chiari, a condition that causes brain tissue to press into the spinal canal and cause extreme back pain. Apparently, nothing her doctors tried seemed to fix the condition, which would also be the case with chronic heartache. The operation itself is said to be pretty invasive, as the surgeon will have to cut deep into the spinal canal and literally lift the brain off it. Sounds quite a bit more painful than Eternal Sunshine’s procedure, but hey, that’s real life for you.

Whatever it is that’s ailing her, we wish her a speedy recovery. We wonder if Tiger Woods did.