The UK and Ireland Team Dominate Team USA in Walker Cup

Sharon Wong

walker cup
Source: Belfast Telegraph

As Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth battle it out for first place, the teams of their respective countries have been playing tug-of-war over the Walker Cup. And as Rory McIlroy has emerged victorious for this week at least, the UK and Ireland team have scored a a record-breaking 16.5 to 9.5 scoreline against the US. This is all thanks to victories by Ashley Chesters, Cormac Sharvin and Jimmy Mullen (with a perfect 4-0 record!), a half from Paul Dunne and more wins from Grant Forrest and Gary Hurley.

2015 captain Nigel Edwards is ecstatic at the team’s performance. “Gosh, it’s great… There were tremendous performances in every session. There were some matches where the players had to dig very deep and they proved crucial. At the start of the week we wanted to do something very special and this is it.” While 8 of the US players were in the top 19 amateur players listings, he remained unfazed, “I was confident despite what the rankings said. It’s a great team of competitors who play foursomes and singles match play and that came to the fore.”

Five of his victorious underlings – Dunne, Mullen, Chesters, Hurley and Gavin Moynihan – will all be moving on to professional careers.