Why Phil Mickelson is loved at team events, even if he’s hated everywhere else

Sharon Wong

phil mickelson
Source: USATSI

Jordan Spieth may have wanted to torment Phil Mickelson with his US Open trophy, but he reveals that the prank was all fun and games, really. Phil, according to Spieth, is actually a quite a swell guy. At least, he is when he’s at team events.

“I’ve been able to see Phil now in two team rooms, and I don’t think that there’s anybody better in the locker rooms,” Spieth explained, “He’s unbelievably positive. He brings some adrenaline and excitement we don’t normally see in people his age to these team events. Boy, it’s fun having him around. He walks in, his stories, you guys have all heard plenty of them, his stories, his excitement, his just positive nature, his ability to come up to you and tell you that he’s certain, he dreamt, he knows you’re going to win your match today even before you start. He’s seen it all as far as these team events go. So you just have that ability to trust him, and we like that. So I’m excited.”

Well, if anything Jordan Spieth says is true, Phil Mickelson’s going to make quite the cheerleader at the 2015 President’s Cup, where they’ll both be playing. But we strongly suspect that the second the tournament’s over, Phil’s just gonna go back to trash-talking the way no one else can.