Arnold Palmer keeps a cancer patient thinking positive

Sharon Wong

arnold palmer

First, Jim Furyk, then the legendary Arnold Palmer. Golf’s big names are certainly doing their bit to brighten the lives of those who need it. Earlier this month, NBC and Golf Channel announcer Mark Rolfing delivered the sobering news that he was currently undergoing treatment for a rare form of salivary gland cancer.┬áThis would be a crushing blow to anyone, no doubt. But Rolfing is determined to stay upbeat and strive towards his goal of returning to commentating early next year. He’s received a lot of support and some of it from very high places indeed.

“I got a letter from Arnold Palmer the other day,” he revealed, “I opened it and there were tears streaming down my face. It made me realize how lucky I am and what the game has done for me. A letter from Arnold Palmer in regular┬ámail. It was typical Arnold. I’ve had a lot of support, but that one stands out.”

Not that we’d know, but we’re glad to hear that such a heartfelt, thoughtful gesture is “typical Arnold” from a credible source.