WATCH: A high-speed police car chase on a golf course

Sharon Wong

Say what? No, we didn’t get our facts all muddled up. A high-speed car chase and a golf course are two very incongruous things that violently came together on June 2014, thanks to the efforts of a man in North Dakota named Michael Feist. Feist was trying to elude several drug arrests warrants at the time and figured that the sedate golf course would be the perfect sanctuary from the law. Little did he know that the police weren’t about to keep the peace. Dash cam footage of them hot on his heels through the golf course (which you can see at 2:30)  has just been released to the public.

Unfortunately for Feist, they caught up to him at a nearby mall and sentenced him to 11 years in federal prison. But his valiant struggle against his captors will be forever immortalized in this exhilarating video, that could have been a scene straight out of GTA. It also appears that there was some form of karmic justice against those unruly officers, four of which were reprimanded for breaking department policy.

Oh, and in case you were worried, no golfers or greens were hurt in the making of this video.