Jason Day fails to get a 59 but wins best consolation prize ever

Sharon Wong

With nine birdies and an eagle keeping him 10-under-par, Jason Day almost became the 7th player to card a 59 on Friday. The only thing standing between him and that lofty goal was a 44-yard chip shot on the final hole during his opening round at the BMW Championship. Sadly, he never made that chip shot. But he did manage to walk away with a 61, the best score of his career.

Source: Thomas J. Russo/USA Today Sports

Lest we should think he’s despondent about missing that 59, Jason Day’s 89-under-par score to the Open Championship shows us that neither he nor his fans have anything to worry about. He’s also playing so well that he claims every round feels just like practice.

“No matter what you do, even if you hit a bad shot, it’s going to be all right. That’s kind of the way it feels. It’s hard to explain because I’m just out there and I’m not really paying attention to the score, and I’m hitting it down the middle and hitting it on the greens and holing putts.”

Hear that? He doesn’t even have to pay attention to score a career best.