TaylorMade Releases “Revolutionary” New Driver, But Is It All Hype?



Golf companies have a history of claiming they have the longest drivers in the world. For years, Generation X golfers have believed the hype through ridiculous advertising campaigns that all seem to say the same thing. Millennials are much more savvy when it comes to seeing through marketing ploys, so with TaylorMade’s latest driver, will it flop with golf’s most important demographic?

TaylorMade have endured two awful years as their products have failed to live up to the hype of their aggressive advertising campaigns. With Adidas set to sell the company, TaylorMade have been under immense pressure to deliver a driver that is actually helpful to golfers.

This week, the company released the new M1 driver which they claim as “become number one on both the PGA and European Tours.” At this weekend’s BMW Championship , Jason Day and Dustin Johnson put the M1 into their bags but their driving distance doesn’t appear to be anything substantially different, according to stats.

driver 4

The M1 driver is just one product of an entire lineup with metal woods, rescue clubs and irons. According to the company, the biggest upgrade from the R-series driver (its previous generation), there is now a multi-material combination of titanium and lighter seven-layer carbon composite. The company claim that the new carbon crown makes the club much lighter, allowing engineers to lower the center of gravity and add a new T-Track system which allows for the player to customize the club (to make it easier to hit a draw or a fade).

driver 2

What does this all mean?

To put it simply, the M1 driver allows players to shift the center of gravity back in the club to match their individual swings, resulting in a perfect launch off the face (low spin, high launch + faster ball speed = happiness).

The previous R-series driver allowed golfers to move a sliding weight from left to right – and in some models – front to back. The M1 is the first driver to offer both.

TaylorMade claim it’s an awesome product, but they would considering their recent financial woes. Keep an eye out for Jason Day and Dustin Johnson’s driving stats over the coming weeks and make the decision for yourself.

The M-1 driver will retail at $499.