Keegan Bradley and Luke Donald catfight on Twitter over who is more manly

Sharon Wong


We don’t know how to put this in context for you because there barely is a context. We just know that out of the blue on Sunday night, Keegan Bradley disparaged Luke Donald’s drive power.

Few would fail to rise to such an obvious display of contempt and Luke Donald was no different, especially since PGA’s ranked him 178th on tour with an average of 277 yards per drive. To call Keegan out on that misinformed slap-in-the-face, Luke fired back:

Bradley did not take that lying down.

It seems that Donald ran out of ammunition here. He went for a low blow that probably didn’t even hurt too much.

Really? He couldn’t think of anything better than the tried-and-true jab at girly drinks? His power of the tee may be mighty, but his comebacks are weaker than the apple ale he slags off.