Daniel Berger offered an amazing reward for lost golf ball at BMW Championship

Sharon Wong

daniel berger

Who knew a golf ball could be worth so much? When Daniel Berger hit one into oblivion at the BMW Championship, he decided to crowd source his efforts to locate it. As if searching for a ball for his star-studded self wasn’t enough of an incentive, he did offer some compensation.

“Yeah, we had plenty of people definitely helping us look. We had probably 25 people. At one point I offered the crowd $500 if they could find it. Seriously, I did. I said, $500 if you can find this ball. I don’t know, maybe they don’t like money. But we found like — we probably found 20 balls. If we had probably 10 more minutes I’m sure we would have found it. But it is what it is.”

Even though his pains came to nought, Daniel Berger didn’t end up paying too dearly for his mistake. He had to re-tee but managed to birdie his second ball for a bogey six on a hole he birdied on every other round. He still ended up in solo second place by a shot and jumped from 46th to 9th place, the biggest leap in Fedex cup standings. Oh, and he never ended up having to relinquish a penny, let alone 500 bucks.