Someone who actually gets Tiger Woods weighs in on his pain

Sharon Wong

tiger woods
Source: PGA Tour

Whenever any news pops up about Tiger Woods, the world pays attention. So when he announced his latest back ailments/surgery, it was no surprise when fans, analysts, doctors and armchair professionals started weighing in on everything from his swing to his future in golf. As someone who’s been through his fair share of golf injuries, Graham DeLaet was one of the few who knew what he was talking about when he added his voice to the fray. Like Tiger, he too underwent a microdiscectomy in 2011.

When someone asked him why golfers get hurt in the first place, he replied,

He explained his own situation in further depth back at the Sony Open in 2012

“I had a herniated disk over to the right, so they go in and shave off a piece of that to alleviate the pinch on the nerve. I had terrible pain in my right leg. Yeah, it was not fun. I’m glad it’s all over and I’m feeling great now.”

Doesn’t seem like Tiger Woods is in for much fun or much movement in the rankings for a while. According to DeLaet, the worst part of it all is the wait. Hopefully, the 6 months to the Masters will be sufficient recovery time for Tiger to make a comeback with all cylinders blazing.