ANALYSIS: How The Geniuses Of FlyQuest Outwit Their Opponents In Draft Phase

Without doubt the biggest surprise package of the NA LCS, FlyQuest eSports have stormed out of the gates this season, boasting an impressive 5-1 record and a second place position. A major element of the team’s success has been the creative drafting phase devised by Thomas “Thinkcard” Slotkin and Derek “LemonNation” Hart, with FlyQuest coming out of picks and bans on top almost every time.

When FlyQuest played Team Dignitas this past week, it was obvious that Dignitas had a plan coming into the series. By immediately changing up the traditional bans, they hoped to throw FlyQuest off and come out with an advantageous draft. Instead, an unfazed FlyQuest team once again proved their draft skill by formulating a composition that would lead them to a dominant game one victory.

An important factor to keep in mind when assessing this week’s drafts is the changes to lethality in Patch 7.2. Buffing the early game effectiveness of lethality pushed many lethality users higher up the tier list for many teams, and led to picks we had not seen in the LCS up to this point. This patch also brought buffs to specific items such as Edge of Night and Duskblade.

Here’s how the geniuses behind the FlyQuest eSports draft manipulated Team Dignitas: 


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