You won’t believe the reason this Chicago golf course is being blasted by angry housewives

Sharon Wong


Oh, golf courses are golf courses and strip clubs are strip clubs, and never shall the twain meet. HA. Last month, the White Pines Golf Club in the Chicago suburbs decided that it wasn’t above a little seedy fun. It hosted the fourth annual outing for a strip club dubbed the Pink Monkey and suburbanites all around the area simultaneously retched. After all, strippers will always be strippers no matter where they are. And they just happened to be in a golf course surrounded by houses and a children’s playground. Oops.

“I take my four-year old grandson to that park,” outraged denizen Paul Dimichele complained, “I would not want to have to explain to him what those people are doing. It was just the wrong place for it.”

Christine Balog, a fellow detractor who took photos of their goings-on on her phone, said, “There was one grandmother there who was mortified. There was a lot of nudity and things that don’t belong on a public golf course.”

Apparently, the golf course has already banned Pink Monkey from hosting future events on its grounds. But could it be too little too late? For more coverage, watch the CBS report below. Highlights include Christine Balog’s salacious photographs up close.