Tripp And Tyler Invent Genius New Rules For S**t Golfers


golf rules_tripp and tyler

YouTube stars Tripp and Tyler have released a genius new set of rules for s**t golfers that are deterred by the rigidity of the current rules laid down by the R&A and USGA. After all, golf is expensive so why not make it more fun, right? 

I honestly don’t know why I bother playing golf. I spend a few thousand dollars a year putting myself what feels like torture. Like the majority of the 60 million strong-golf-population that struggles to break 90, we just need the game to be easier. Who’s with me?

Tripp and Tyler have invented new tules for non-professional golfers that will make you not want to kill yourself during your next round of golf. They include:

— One mulligan for every dollar spent on greens fees.
— Players get one do-over for every dollar spent on greens fees as well.
— When you hit your ball into the woods you no longer have to find your ball. You just need to find “a ball.”

According to Tripp and Tyler, this is also encouraged too: