Rory McIlroy delivers classic comeback when asked, “What have you learned this year?”

Sharon Wong

rory mcilroy
Source: John David Mercer/USA Today Sports

It’s no secret that Rory McIlroy hasn’t had the best time of it this year, what with the torn ligament cramping up his style and everything. So, when asked during the pre-Tour Championship press conference, he decided to go the tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating route.

“Don’t play football in the middle of the season.”

He continued in the humble vein by admitting that he’d made the mistake of putting too much pressure on himself. He summed up his year as, “Interesting, disappointing, not unfulfilling, that would be going too far.”

But we started to see a bit of the old fighting spirit return when Jason Day was brought up. The Australian golfer’s quip about being better than both Rory and Jordan combined did not go unmet. When asked whether he thought it would be tough for day to remain on top of the golf world, Rory responded, “Hopefully, very tough.”

Rory McIlroy’s golf may have been a tad rusty this year, but his personality still rules them all.