Tiger Woods’ back injury might be working miracles on his love life

Sharon Wong

tiger woods
Source: Getty Images

A back injury is never a thing to be celebrated. But sometimes, the hidden rewards it may bring are well worth the agony. Sources report that Tiger Woods and Lindsay Vonn might be headed towards reconciliation because of their respective aches and pains. Apparently, injury was a very large part of their shared bond and Tiger’s most recent vulnerability might be really doing it for Vonn, according to website terezowens.com. We quote:

“Sometimes it takes a thing like injury to rekindle the flame. That’s at least the case with Tiger Woods and Lindsay Vonn, who are currently injured, and according to our source, have begun dating again. Lindsay Vonn is in rehab mode after an ankle fracture following a fall while training in New Zealand, and Woods has just undergone a second back surgery and won’t return to the course until 2016. We’re being told the two have begun talking again, and are going to give it another go, Can’t blame the two for trying, they have a lot in common.”

Well, they certainly have a lot to commiserate over, if this source is to be believed. Lindsay Vonn’s tweet here does seem to  indicate that they are at least on friendly terms.

twitter_lindsey vonn

Also, rumor has it that their split was not as cut and dry as infidelity on Tiger’s part. They might have just gone their separate ways because Lindsay was ready to settle down and Tiger wasn’t. If so, think that.