That one time Bill Haas accidentally won the Fedex Cup and a sweet $10 million bonus

Sharon Wong

This is what it looks like when you make a killer bunker shot and have no idea what’s at stake.

Yes, when Bill Haas executed this perfect up-down at the 2011 Fedex cup, he simply wasn’t aware of the prizes that could be awaiting him if he played his cards right.

“Well, we went up and did some TV interviews up in┬áthe grandstands there on 18 and both trophies were there and there was no other player, (laughter), so I kind of assumed and I looked at my wife and she was there, and she nodded her head. So that was when I realized. I saw Tom Finchem. I said, I didn’t know I had won this, and he was like, ‘congratulations, you won both.’ That’s what he said, ‘both are for you.’

We wonder how much he would have changed about his remarkably ballsy playing here, had he known then what he knows now. But it’s certainly a nice thought that taking both glory and cash out of the equation brings out some truly gutsy golf.