You’ll Never Guess What Happened At Fishers Island Club

Sharon Wong

fishers island

Fishers Island Club, recently named one of America’s top 100 golf clubs, has completely redefined the meaning of customer service. Peter Masters’ entire bag of clubs had been knocked into Long Island Sound when he left it unattended on the dock of Fishers Island Club. While he was having breakfast, the club’s staff approached him and informed him of the unfortunate mishap. When he ran to the scene of the crime, he was greeted with a real sight for sore eyes. One of the club’s employees was just emerging from the water in his diving suit and flippers, holding his lost clubs.

fishers island
You can guarantee first-class service at Fishers Island Club.
Oliver Jones, this gem of an assistant pro, lives on a house on the beach with his co-workers. So, he’s quite accustomed to the water and its caprices. He told his side of the story, “They tried to hook the bag right when it fell right in, and that tipped the bag and empty the majority of the clubs into the Sound. So I went into the house and put on my bathing suit, and got my flippers and my goggles.”

As one might guess, it’s no easy task searching for missing clubs in the murky Atlantic depths. The Sound is apparently about 12 feet deep under the dock and contains zero visibility. And the water is frigid. It took Oliver six dives to retrieve all the missing clubs and got Peter’s divot too.

fishers island club Fishers Island is a haven for the rich and famous.

We hope Peter tipped Oliver substantially for his tremendous effort, especially since he broke 80 for the first time with the newly rescued clubs.