What will Jordan Spieth spend $12 million on? Answer will stun (or offend) you

Sharon Wong


Nothing, actually. Jordan Spieth has never desperately wanted anything or shared the interests of other young men his age, even in childhood. There was once apparently a razor scooter he was saving up for, but young Jordan Spieth was just as golf-obsessed then as he is today.

“He never played video games,” his mother Chris revealed, “His brother did and his friends did, but he wouldn’t want to go over to people’s houses, because they’d sit and play video games. I remember one time it was a gray dreary day, and he couldn’t play golf — he was in high school by then — and he said, ‘I’m so bored. What do kids do all day?’ Because he couldn’t play golf.”

epa04953677 Jordan Spieth of the US lifts the TOUR Championship trophy and the FedEx cup during the trophy presentation after winning the TOUR Championship and FedEx Cup final at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 27 September 2015.  EPA/TANNEN  MAURY
Source: Tannen Maury/EPA

Spieth said that he had no intentions of letting it all sit in the bank though, “It allows me even more so, to take care of the people that have given me to this position and allowed it to happen. Like I always say, it’s a team effort. A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes in when we’re at home, when we’re in the early stages and on course here. The bonus that comes with the FedEx Cup Championship trophy allows me to take care of, even more so, our team and to keep them wanting to come back to me.

According to Chris, it’s not all lip service, “He doesn’t go out and make big purchases. He’s generous with his family, he’s definitely generous with his friends, but he really doesn’t spend it. He started a foundation and I guarantee you some of this money is going to go into that.”

But surely Spieth is human like the rest of has. He has to be buying himself something, even if he isn’t blinging out or going to strip clubs. After thinking for a bit, he comes up with this gem, “Yeah, I could probably get a few razor scooters now.”