WATCH: Thanks to mischievous seagull, Colin Montgomerie makes the wrong kind of birdie

Sharon Wong

Expect the unexpected at a senior golf tournament. At least for Colin Montgomerie, it wasn’t just a sedate stroll on the course with fellow senior citizens. He was just going along his merry way during the final round of the 2015 Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach when he hit a shot onto the fairway. Before he could do anything with it, however, this opportunistic seagull snatched it up.

He was permitted to continue with a ball dropped approximately where the seagull picked it up, but he still ended up with a bogey. Knowing Colin Montgomerie’s infamous temper, that gull is probably a pile of charred bones next to a cooking pit by now. Sentient being or birdbrain, you do play dearly for messing with the Monty’s game.