You’ll never guess what Tiger Woods’ new job might be (Hint: it’s not a caddie)

Sharon Wong

tiger woods
Reuters/Aaron Josefczyk

Thought Tiger Wood’s career in golf was over for sure? Think again. There is an afterlife for champions who are no longer making the cut and it’s a pretty cushy one too. Tiger was airing his thoughts with Davis Love III and his mind was very much on a backup plan if he didn’t make the team for the next Ryder cup. He suggested his own appointment as vice-captain for the US team if he didn’t qualify to compete at Ryder.

Tiger, who’s been plagued by a host of personal and professional problems for years, is now contending with multiple debilitating back injuries that will keep him out of commission till at least early 2016. So a future showing at Ryder is certainly iffy for the former No. 1 player. Despite all these lingering doubts, Davis Love is confident that Tiger will be part of Ryder no matter what.

“I think Tiger, if he is healthy for the whole year, will be fine.”

Despite the fact that being vice-captain would be none too shabby, Tiger Woods apparently just wants to play.

Davis Love commented, “He was showing signs before the last surgery that he was playing well and he desperately wants to make the team, he does not want to be an assistant captain.”

But even if he were to become vice captain, there are a lot of contenders who might get in the way of that. Love revealed, “Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, they have all said ‘we will do whatever it takes to help you,’ and we have them on the list.”

Looks like it’s still a battle for Tiger every step of the way, even for roles that would require no playing whatsoever. May the odds ever be in his favor.