Possibly the saddest thing to ever happen at a golf show

Sharon Wong

erik roner

The opening ceremony of a golf show is a joyous occasion for most of us at CLICKON, but this tragedy completely would wipe the smile off anyone’s face. Extreme sports enthusiast and MTV star Erik Roner died in a freak accident while he was skydiving as part of the ceremony at Squaw Valley, California yesterday. Apparently, he had crashed into a tree as he landed and became entangled in its high branches about 25-30 feet off the ground. Authorities were not able to extricate him from the tree and he was pronounced dead at the scene. He was the only member of the skydiving troupe not to make in safely back to the ground.

Erik Roner was part of the Nitro Circus crew on MTW and was an experienced skier. Friends describe him as “hilarious”, “always positive”, “a stand-up guy” and a “big supporter” of the local community. He was often heavily involved with benefit events, just like the one where he unfortunately met his fate. At least he was doing what he loved for a good cause up till the last moment.

Condolences to the wife and child he’s left behind.