Why Phil Mickelson gave Suzann Petterson a call after Gimmegate

Sharon Wong

suzann petterson
Uwe Anspach/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Suzann Petterson received her fill of criticism for refusing to concede a putt to Alison Lee at the last Solheim cup. Understandably, she wanted to talk it out after withstanding the onslaught. She got just the opportunity to do so when she received a phone call they day of from another golfer well-known for courting controversy himself.

“One of the first players to reach out to me was Phil [Mickelson] on Sunday night,” she said, “I don’t know how I can thank him enough for the words and hours on the phone — the good and bad. He asked me some critical questions and I had to answer them.”

That’s right, Phil Mickelson called to extend his sympathies and to offer some advice. We are really wondering about those critical questions. And the good and the bad. Did he offer her some good old-fashioned tough love and brutal honesty? Did he make her cry a lot? If she’s keeping mum, I guess we’ll never know.

However, for all the heart-to-heart talks she’s had with Phil Mickelson, Suzann Petterson has yet to address Alison Lee herself.

“I have still not talked to Alison [Lee] but she will be the first person I reach out to once we get to Asia and I see her in person. Hopefully we can move on very quickly. It’s definitely on my agenda when I get to Asia to see her and talk to her.”

Perhaps all she needs to take the plunge is another round of critical questioning from Phil.