Tiger Woods candidly admits something we already knew

Sharon Wong

tiger woods

It’s no secret that Tiger Woods has been having a rather rough time of it lately. It turns out that his highly publicized philandering was merely the beginning of his downfall. Everything from his playing to his mental state to his health has been on steady decline for these past few years and the golf world has long been wondering when he would give up the ghost. It seems that nothing is truly over until Tiger Woods says it is. Apparently, he has openly admitted to his good friend and NBC/Golf Channel analyst Notah Begay III, that he harbors no delusions about his current state of affairs.

“I think he has a clear understanding of where he’s at in regards to his career. The sun is setting.” Begay revealed at a telecoference.

It certainly is a sad moment for fans when their idol openly admits he has little hope of a comeback. According to Begay, he’s not going to go out without a fight and will keep trying to compete in tournaments till the bitter end. But he’s already investing his energies in mentoring the new generation of golfers who grew up wanting to be like him. He’s played practice rounds with Jordan Spieth and taken Jason Day under his wing after Day asked Begay to put him in touch with Tiger. This tweet definitely shows that he’s totally rooting for the players who will inherit his crown.

It seems that his supportive, even nurturing attitude towards the young ‘uns will certainly avail him if he does indeed get chosen to be vice-captain for the Ryder Cup team. Begay is confident that Tiger Woods possesses the mind of a leader and would provide his charges with a distinct advantage over their competitors.

“He’s the type of player that thinks things through very methodically. When it comes to individual match play in singles, there’s nobody better.”

We wish him all the luck in the world as he continues to make sense of his new place in the golf scene.