Is Ronda Rousey The Perfect Girl For Tiger Woods?


Ronda Rousey might just be the perfect girl for Tiger Woods. She’s the most dominant athlete on the planet, she’s a blonde bombshell and she might just inspire Woods to return to his glory days.


Approaching the ripe old age of 40, Tiger Woods finds himself a single man again searching for the one. While we all held our breath and hoped Lindsey Vonn was the one, we ask you (and ourselves) whether the Rousey could be the perfect girl for Woods.


rhonda rousey


1.They both dominated their sports

rhonda rousey

Rousey has dominated the UFC’s bantamweight division in almost the exact way as Woods dominated the PGA TOUR at the turn of the millennium. While Woods was longer, stronger and mentally tougher than any of his peers, Rousey has reduced her opponents to minions.

2. They have both appeared on the front cover of Men’s Fitness 

tiger woods_men's fitness
Rousey recently appeared on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine, following in Woods’ footsteps.

3. Rousey is blonde and Woods digs blondes

It’s fair to say Tiger Woods has a penchant for blonde haired, white women. Before he married Elin Nordgren, Woods dated several blondes in his early twenties. His first high-profile relationship post-scandal was with Lindsey Vonn, who struck a strong resemblance to Nordgren.

4. They know how to deal with injuries

tiger woods

Tiger Woods has dealt with ruptured ACL’s, fractured shins, torn achilles’ and bulging discs to name just a few injuries. Meanwhile, Rousey knows what it’s like to deal with pain. In her two previous fights, arthritic spurs had been rubbing against her AC. When Rousey was 16, she tore her ACL and required arthroscopic procedures at age 18 and 20. They know how to bounce back from career-threatening injuries.