NFL Player Who Mocked Tiger Woods Gets His Comeuppance


Josh Scobee will be remembered as the man who taunted Tiger Woods for suffering the yips, only for karma to bite him back 9 months later.

tiger woods_josh scobee

When Tiger Woods missed the cut in Phoenix and suffered “deactivated glutes” at Torey Pines, Scobee – a +3.2 handicap golfer – taunted Tiger Woods on Twitter by suggesting they meet at San Jose Country Club for a high-stakes golf game. Woods was playing so badly at the time that Scobee actually thought he had a legitimate shot to take down the former world number one, providing Tiger gave him two strokes per nine.

tiger tweet

The good news for Scobee is that he will have plenty of time to practice his golf game in preparation for a duel with Woods. His most recent employer, the Pittsburgh Steelers, just let him go after suffering a disastrous start to their 2015 season.

Karma strikes back

Tiger Woods’ short-game was so bad in the Spring that Scobee could not resist mocking the 14-time major champion. What goes around comes around, and Scobee soon began suffering from his own kicking yips that went finally boiled to a head during the contest between the Steelers and the Ravens.

Scobee┬ámissed two field goals in the fourth quarter, giving him a 3 out of 7 mark on FG’s beyond 40 yards this season. He also missed two field goals in the Steelers’ NFL season opener against the patriots.

Perhaps Woods will get some perverse delight from Scobee’s struggles. We did.