Almost 6 Years On, Tiger Woods’ Apology Speech Is Still Dynamite


Sometimes when the dark nights draw in, I get depressed. I’ve been known to shuffle around my apartment to find inanimate objects to throw. I often cry uncontrollably. It’s a disease known as SAD. The only cure I know is comedy.

Laugh-out-loud comedy. That’s right, funny shit that never gets old. Like John Cleese’s Hitler walk in Faulty Towers. Or Jerry Seinfeld and the telemarketing phone call. My all time favorite pick-me-up device however is Tiger Woods’ apology that CNN broadcasted in the weeks following his epic scandal. Not only is it brilliantly funny, it’s also the lamest moment in the history of a sportsmen. And when I see lame on this level, I feel better about my life. I smile. I get happy. Thank you, Tiger Woods.