Bubba Watson gives Phil Mickelson the most back-handed compliment ever

Sharon Wong

Bubba Watson

As one of the team leaders for the President’s Cup,¬†Phil Mickelson is going to be in charge of some of the world’s best golfers. One of them happens to be Bubba Watson, who is as much of a big personality as Phil if not more. But Bubba is willing to concede to authority when the moment calls for it. Plus, Phil happens to be someone Bubba respects a lot. And also someone whose tells jokes that Bubba pretends to laugh at, because he pities him, you see. Wait, what?

“He’s a real good leader. It’s like having another assistant. I think one day, he might be asked to be a captain. So he understands what it takes… He’s had the experience. He’s had the bad and the good. When he speaks, everybody listens. He’s earned that respect because of the game of golf and his history, what he’s done for the game of golf.

Of Mickelson’s jokes:

“He brings it all. And if it’s not that funny, you laugh because you feel bad for him.”

Well,¬†good to know you’re still looking out for the less fortunate, Bubba.