WATCH: Drunk Golfer’s Hilarious Fail Is Comedy Gold

  • Warning: Having too many beers and trying to play golf can be dangerous for your health.

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This guys shows us that if you try and play golf after a ‘shit load’* of beer you’re going to have a bad time.

*subjective term that differs from person to person. No kudos for telling us how many beers you can slay.

Drunk golf got me like… #golfgods #winorlosewestillbooze #gripandrip

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Nine shots of Polish Vodka and you’ll find yourself in hot water


Thirteen cans of beer and you’ll do something that will haunt you

Having spent most of the charity golf day drinking, part time golfer Dave Sayers thought it would be funny to throw himself away with his clubs after an unsurprisingly terrible round.


Have both nine shots of Vodka and thirteen Beers and you’ll end up here

We are in no way telling you not to enjoy a beer on the course, but for the sake of your reputation make sure no one has a camera.