Godzilla-Like Deer Emerges On 13th Fairway; Terrifies Golfers



A giant male deer emerges from nowhere causing golfers at the fancy Wollaton Hall Golf Club in Nottingham, England to freak out in a scene that resembles Godzilla.

The stag was sunning himself in the middle of the 13th fairway forcing golfers to play around him. The photo above was taken by member Derek Lees, 65, who couldn’t resist snapping the gigantic deer.

“The stag was completely unfazed and was clearly quite happy sunning himself in the middle of the golf course, oblivious to what was going on around him.”

godzilla Golfers thought they were in a scene from Godzilla.

One novice golfer – Simon Pang – actually thought he was in the scene of a horror film, running away screaming for help. When asked why he panicked afterwards, the 28-handicapper was still in shock:

“You watch a lot of movies on TV where these kind of things happen… beastly animals appear out of nowhere and they seize their prey. I thought this was the end, although in hindsight I was probably being a bit over-dramatic.”

It’s safe to say that everybody survived the incident and play continued as usual.