Mickelson’s Very Awkward Fist Pump

This certainly has the cringe factor…

Phil Mickelson slotted home a nice bunker shot to help him and partner Zach Johnson beat opponents Jason Day and Steven Bowditch by two holes. The pair gelled nicely and produced a cool performance with the exception of this slightly awkward moment.

Even my six year old niece knows that Phil Mickelson bumps fists, plain and simple. Just like his Dad and his Daddy before him, he comes from a long line of  fist bumpers. That’s not to say we can’t all fall victim to this inexplicably awkward social exchange, no sir-ee! The pair played a  smooth round of golf and helped the USA take a 4-1 lead. I guess when you’re in the zone the successful execution of visual camaraderie means nada.

Say what you like about Boo, he can handle himself in a celebration.