It’s Official: Tiger Woods’ Career Is Over


When Tiger Woods made his shocking announcement that he had undergone yet another surgery, he reassured his fans that he would be back. However, rumors are swirling around the golf world that Woods’ latest setback could be the final straw in his illustrious career.

tiger woods

Woods has played in pain for over a decade now, and his body is simply falling to pieces. The below diagram shows the countless injuries Woods has sustained in his career.

Tiger Diagram

Although Woods has set a loose return date for “early 2016,” Woods simply cannot keep bouncing back from injuries of this severity.

“The older we get, the harder it is to return from sports-related injuries. With the numerous surgeries he’s undertaken in the past decade, he will be experiencing atrophy caused by lack of activity and the natural aging process. For Tiger, it’s a catch-22. His atrophied muscles mean he needs to train more than ever, but training makes you more prone to injuries as we’ve seen,” remarked a London physician who has worked with leading football and rugby players in the UK.

Perhaps the saddest part of all is Woods’ denial over his fall from grace. Everything from his playing to his mental state to his health has been on steady decline for the past seven years and the golf world has long been wondering when he would give up the ghost.

tiger woods Woods is known for his fighting spirit, but it’s likely we’ll never see this face again on the golf course.

“This is certainly disappointing, but I’m a fighter. I’ve been told I can make a full recovery, and I have no doubt that I will,” Woods said.

I’m not so sure.