WATCH: Dust II’s Most Memorable Competitive CS:GO Moments

Dust II is the most prolific map in Counter-Strike history, but is soon to be a cherished, retired relic of the competitive eSports scene. The legendary map is a theatre of bomb defuses, based on a timeless middle-eastern theme. Dust II has been one of the longest standing maps in CS:GO, but after a healthy five year stint, the dramatic setting, the map now has been taken out of the competitive map pool. 

Dust II has been in the competitive map pool since the inception of CS:GO in 2012. The map’s impressive streak within the competitive map pool has now come to an end, with many pros having pushed for Inferno to take its place. Not only is Dust II one of the original maps, but it is without doubt the most played map in CS:GO matchmaking.

Due to its lack of competitive integrity and opportunity for strategic prowess, Valve wish to remake the cherished environment, optimising it with their new engines to recreate a fresh design for the outdated map.

To lower Dust II into the ground with a fitting ceremony, CLICKON eSports has compiled some of the best competitive plays ever witnessed on the iconic eSports battleground:

5. Fnatic’s 4 AWP Peek Vs EnVyUs

The most iconic major tournament plays of all time, born of the iconic mid spawn shootout of Dust II. Fnatic made this risky play amidst the heat of ESL Cologne 2015, taking down EnVyUs on Fnatic route to first place and the trophy. During the grand finals of the match, as the game entered overtime, Fnatic opted to peek the mid doors with four AWPs, decimating Dan “apEX” Madesclaire shortly afterwards and sealing the win for Fnatic on the first map. This play served as the ultimate tilt for EnVyUs, who conceded the second map with a whimper.

4. Flusha Delivers An Ace Vs Dignitas

Robin “flusha” Ronnquist ensures that Fnatic holds a number of spots on the list with a jaw-dropping play during ELEAGUE Season 1. Before Fnatic broke up they were the scene’s most dominant team, boasting an extensive catalogue of some of the best plays in CS:GO history… this being one of them. Flusha is one of the most renowned players in CS:GO for his ability to perform under pressure, in this clip the Swede completely outplays Team Dignitas in the first gun round of the game, giving Fnatic a commanding lead with his trigger control and patient play.

3. GuardiaN Vs Fnatic 4K AWP

Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs of Natus Vincere showing exactly why he is considered to be one of the best AWPers in CS:GO history. During a match with Fnatic, GuardiaN was holding down Dust II’s B site after planting the bomb and was considerable outnumbered two to four, yet somehow GuardiaN pulls out the round for his team with an insane AWP play using ‘big box’ as a place to reset and make each fight a 1 on 1. GuardiaN clutched the round for his team as they were struggling to gain footing.

2. S1mple Fake AWP Throw

Dust II has so much history attached to it and Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s play is amongst the very best. The talent of s1mple separates him as an impact player for any team he joins, if he keeps his head straight. This showdown between his old team Team Liquid and Na’Vi is not just one of Dust II’s most memorable moments, but for the entire CS:GO competitive scene. Na’Vi ended up winning ESL One: New York 2016, thanks in part to this unbelievable play in the semi finals. S1mple used his AWP as a distraction to jump heroically onto B site and kill Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella, his old teammate.

1. KennyS 1v3 vs NiP

It wouldn’t be a memorable moment without including Kenny kennyS” Schrub. KennyS is the best AWPer of all time in CS:GO, arguably the reason Valve nerfed the AWP because of his potency with the weapon. This clip highlights kennyS’ prowess as he clutches the round for Titan effortlessly. KennyS was stuck in CT spawn in a 1v3 with no escape but hits a flick and two no scopes for the round with time to defuse.

These five plays are why Dust II will be fondly remembered as the most iconic and played map in CS:GO. It may not be the most tactical of maps, but it sets up players with raw skill with the chance to demonstrate why they are some of the best players in the world.

Farewell Dust II.

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