Why is Rickie Fowler sporting a mysterious new tattoo?

Sharon Wong

rickie fowler
Source: Harry How/Getty Images

At the President’s Cup, Rickie Fowler proudly showcased a brand new tattoo just below his left elbow: the letter ‘G’ in block lettering. It appears that it all has to do with supporting a friend of his, the daughter of the pastor at The City Church of Seattle.

Georgia Veach, daughter of Seattle-based pastor Chad Veach and his wife Julia, is the unfortunate victim of a rare brain disorder. When she was four months old, she was diagnosed with lissencephaly, which means that her cerebral cortex has no folds. Tellingly, the disorder is also known as “smooth brain”. It usually manifests in some pretty dire symptoms, like an unusual facial appearance, difficulty swallowing, failure to thrive, muscle spasms, seizures and severe psychomotor retardation.

Georgia’s ordeals are no doubt horrible and painful for everyone involved. But Rickie Fowler seems to be a fierce, loyal friend to have in her corner. Kudos, Rickie.