How Donald Trump is “protecting” the Scottish landscape around his course

Sharon Wong

donald trump

If you thought Donald Trump was a purely American disease, we’ll have you know he’s kind of contagious. He is now embroiled in conflict with a foreign government over soil that he rightly has no part of. The Scottish government recently granted permission to wind farms to build 11 wind turbines two miles from his Aberdeenshire golf course. These wind turbines will be in view from the golf course and just might affect market value a bit.  Trump says that he is prepared to go to European court to contest the new wind turbines, which he insists will be a “monstrous” blight upon the landscape. Um, has he looked in a mirror lately?

Funny that he should be so concerned about the environment too, seeing as he was perfectly happy to ride roughshod over it in 2006 by building fairways over protected sand dunes in the Menie estate he’d purchased.