Why Carbrook’s 14th hole hazard can literally kill you

Sharon Wong

carbrook golf club
Source: Jodie Richter

Carbrook Golf Club is one of the only golf courses in the world where the word hazard retains its true meaning. Predictably enough, this par-71 course located in Australia, 30 minutes south of the city of Brisbane. It’s a challenging enough course on its own, but really ups the ante when you get to the 14th hole. You see, if you miss your mark and hit a ball into the nearby hazard, you’ll be retrieving it at the risk of your limbs or your very life. The hazard is home to a family of very voracious, aggressive bull sharks that would be more than happy to make a meal of you.

No, the owner of Carbrook is not a raging psychopath. In the 90’s, the Logan River along the course burst its banks and flooded the entire golf course. When the water receded, locals quickly found that a couple of bull sharks had been quite happy to set up camp there. Bull sharks are known to thrive in both fresh water and salt water and can travel very far up rivers, which explains their presence in the Logan and their comfort level with the freshwater hazard. They felt so at home, in fact, that they began breeding and the lake is now completely filled with their progeny. Word has it that more juvenile sharks have been spotted, indicating that they are continuing to go forth and multiply.

Carbrook has embraced its unexpected residents and organizes a local Shark Lake Challenge in honor of them. Think you can handle losing some balls?