You’re Fired! Caddie Sacks Former World Number One

Former World Number one left on his own as bagman deserts him

Sacking isn’t usually administered by the caddie, it tends to be a pro golfer thing. This week John Mclaren went against the grain and showed former world number one Luke Donald the door. Having spent the past six years on his bag, Mclaren will have shared in the £18 million ($28 million) that Donald has accumulated in that time. The former caddie wasn’t too direct in his reasons but with the season nearly at a close it does seem a strange time to pack up and leave.

Luke 1

With a good track record Mclaren would be highly sought after but denied to the Mail that he had been approached by anyone. “No, I don’t have another bag to go to,’ he said. ‘There were a couple of things that stuck with me that I don’t want to talk about, but basically I just felt we’d run our course.”

In an interview for Golfmagic early this year Mclaren had commented on the close relationship the two had. We’ve been together for five-and-a-half years, and we’re good mates off the course, but our working relationship is very professional.” Which leaves you wondering what has changed in the last six months?

“I was a little surprised as we were starting to make a little bit of a comeback and I was starting to find form.” said Donald. Shooting 64 in the first round of the British Masters would suggest Luke hasn’t let it affect his game and I’m sure the real reason for this split will surface in good time.

 Luke 3