Watch: Kid Nails Trick Shot Straight Back At Himself

Trick shot bites back as golf ball takes vengeance

Candid trick shots are all the rage at the moment, whether it be casual keepie-uppies or baseball style volleys, they’re at every turn. You feel for this boy, one minute he’s shooting the breeze and chilling with his boys, the next, he’s wondering what he did to piss off Karma.

That could have been worse ???? #golflife #trickshot #ouch

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Bad luck is bad luck but what was he thinking? From what we can see the whole area in front of him is covered in hard flat rocks. Talk of survival of the fittest, these lads should learn about self preservation- or maybe just f*** it and keep on entertaining us. It also reminded CLICKON of this absolute gem, so fair play boys.
That laugh tho.