100% Unbiased TaylorMade M1 Driver Review


Forget biased golf magazine reviews that are paid to say nice things about new products. This is a 100% unbiased review of the new M1 driver by TaylorMade. 

m1 driver

TaylorMade claims that the new carbon crown makes the club lighter, meaning more distance. Their engineering team have added a new T-Track system which allows you to customize the club (to make it easier to hit a draw or a fade).

To put it simply, the M1 driver allows players to shift the center of gravity back in the club to match their individual swings, resulting in a perfect launch off the face (low spin, high launch + faster ball speed = happiness).

Sounds good, right?

Yes, but it’s not worth ditching your R15 or Callaway Big Bertha driver for. While the M1 driver looks, feels and sounds good, so did my 2003 Cleveland Launcher (it still does).

m1 driver

Is the driver actually better than previous models? 

The R-15 driver allowed golfers to move a sliding weight from left to right – and in some models – front to back. While M1 is the first driver on the market to offer both, does anyone really care about these gimmicks? I don’t.

All I want in a club is the confidence that if I hit it well, it will go far and straight. Golf club technology has become a bit of a joke, using technical jargon to manipulate us to buy products. I’m a well-educated person who has played golf for 15 years, and I don’t understand 95% of golf product marketing.

As a 5-handicapper, I honestly could not tell a significant difference between my old driver to this one. When I hit the driver well, the ball took off on a nice flight and I had a smile on my face. When I hit it badly, my balls went out of bounds or into the trees – as has been the case throughout my turbulent golfing life.

See, this isn’t a miracle club and it really doesn’t offer you anything more than any older model of driver does. It looked shiny when I first received it in the mail, but after throwing it a few times, it quickly became dated-looking.

Analogy: if you drive around in a 2013 car, you are constantly bombarded with ads for the 2016 model which is newer and trendier. But it doesn’t go any faster, it’s not any safer and it’s more expensive than what you paid for your car. The TaylorMade M1 driver is the same. It’s not going to improve your game, it will simply make you look more up-to-date.

Just think twice before being a victim of trends and ridiculous marketing jargon.