Brandel Chamblee now ripping into BOTH Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson

Sharon Wong

brandel chamblee

Historically, Tiger Woods hasn’t had the best working relationship with one Brandel Chamblee. Chamblee, a Golf Channel analyst, has always been one of Tiger’s most outspoken critics.┬áIt’s no surprise to anyone that he had something to say when Tiger announced his intentions to make it as an assistant captain at the Ryder Cup.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to give players leadership roles in an event they didn’t show a passion for when they were competitors.”

This time, however, he did not just reserve his barbs for Tiger Woods. The other potential Ryder captain, Phil Mickelson, took some of the heat too and boy did he get a drubbing.

“I think he corrupted the team from the inside out. These are not leadership qualities. I get it. Everyone looks up to him and respects his record. But they really should give it to people who have the passion for it.”

These scathing remarks are in reference to two questionable incidents involving Phil during previous Ryder Cups. In 2004, he switched the equipment just before the match and didn’t show up for practice the day before. He revealed that he wasn’t one with the team in 2014 when he arrived separately from all the other members, a decision that ended up reflecting badly on team leader Tom Watson.