BREAKING: Golf Babe Paige Spiranac Breaks Hearts With This News

Paige Spiranac has been blowing up the golfing world with her ridiculous looks and amazing golfing talent, has she now found someone worthy of being her boyfriend?

We think so…

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 03.56.49
Paige Spirinac Instagram

Recently a video appeared on Golf Gods Instagram of Paige and a male trick shot golfer messing around on the course. The golfer in question was Norwegian hunk Mathias Schjoelberg (quite the mouthful we know.)

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Mathias Schjoelberg Instagram

Now Mathias might not be as big as a social star as Paige but he has been turning quite a few heads with his impressive trick shot videos.

I’m giving her an A for the effort ???? @_paige.renee . . . #PeakPerformance @peakperformance

A video posted by Mathias Schjoelberg (@mathiasschjoelberg) on

Seeing a video of these two together suggests that there might be something going on here, think about it, they are basically perfect for each other. They are both young, attractive golfers who share the same passion for golf and fitness.

Whilst nothing official has been released, we are calling this one early and think this could be the next big couple in golf.