Vince Carter is 40 and still dunking

Vince Carter is still a contributing role player for the Memphis Grizzlies. He also just turned 40, making him the oldest active player in the NBA. 

The old man still has some tricks up his sleeve. Vince can’t get up like he used too, but the best dunker of all time still shows flashes. Even at 40, Vince has his moments that make you remember how special he was.

Thats an impressive move for anybody, but that is the oldest player in the NBA throwing it down with ease. But for Vince, that’s nothing, he’ll be able to dunk in his sixties.

The Iverson crossover and the Vince Carter in-game dunk, two of the most entertaining things to watch in NBA history. Vince Carter is not only the best in-game dunker we’ve ever seen, he also put on the best dunk contest performance of all time.

Vince shut that shit down, from first dunk to last nobody will ever top that. Carter is an equal opportunity dunker, he’ll jam on you no matter where you’re from, or who you play for.

Vince was like “Yo, you trying to take a charge Mr. 7 footer, do you know who I am?” Dude jumped over a 7 foot man in a game, Vince is a savage. If I’m the guy who got dunked on, it’s time to retire. That is the greatest dunk in basketball history, any opinion to the contrary is simply wrong.

Vince is bound to hang em up soon, so let’s appreciate him while we still can. There’s always a new batch of high fliers but there will only be one Vince Carter.

When he does retire Vince belongs in the Hall of Fame. He hasn’t had the greatest team success, but his numbers speak for themselves. The hall of fame is essentially a basketball museum, it would be a travesty if the best dunker of all time was not included.

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