Counter Logic Gaming’s Leap Of Faith Will Benefit The Entire CS:GO Scene

Counter Logic Gaming have been amongst the top organisations in North American eSports since the scene emerged, arguably the closest any team has come to becoming a household name. CLG’s CS:GO roster has however suffered a serious slump of late, falling to pieces with the departure of star AWPer Josh “jdm” Marzano, leaving for pastures new at Team Liquid and Tarik “tarik” Celik who’s future is uncertain as of now.

Given the teams current stature, you might have been fooled into thinking CLG would opt for some of the higher profile talent that is available within the NA scene presently; you’d be wrong. Counter Logic Gaming are taking strides in a different direction that is not only good for them, but for CS:GO as a developing eSport as well.

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Source: OpenDomain

Confirming recent rumours within the scene, CLG have announced that they will be picking up Ethan “Nahte” Arnold and Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik – two young up-and-comers looking to take the next steps in their professional careers. The timing for this move could not be better for CLG, giving a shot to potential future stars in lieu of picking up recycled talent and hoping for the best – something that seems to have plagued North American CS for far too long now.

CLG are trying to build their team from the ground up as they give the shot of a lifetime to two young guns that have shown quite a bit of potential.

Source: OpenDomain
Source: OpenDomain

Presented with the harsh reality presented that is the ever-watching eye of the CS:GO community and viewerbase, CLG have nothing left to lose. This is the perfect moment to take this stride and demonstrate a commitment as a top team to develop younger talent, whilst developing their chemistry as a unit.

Regardless of whether CLG fall flat once again or slowly show signs of improvement, one can only hope that other teams within North America realise that sometimes you need to throw new talent into the mix rather than shuffling around the same group of players over and over and expecting something to come of it.

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