Presidential approval, Obama Crashes Golf Course Wedding

President drops in on couple as they tie the knot, backlash expected.
president obama

As Obama picked up his ball on the 18th green at Torrey Pines he completed his 256th round of golf since becoming president. He loves golf almost as much as his critics love to remind him of much he loves golf, which is, yep…a lot!

Footnote. I wonder what the deal is with Under Armour and the secret service? Seems spot on some how
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Avoiding the Obama golf argument altogether, this certainly will live long in the minds of newlyweds Brian and Stephanie Tobe. They rushed down to greet him as he finished up and were rewarded with unfettered access to presidential snaps. Barack should really know better…why isn’t he running the country? Why doesn’t he take the office seriously, why is this news? (insert upset comment here). I don’t know these answers, perhaps having a wholesome leisure pursuit on occasion is actually fairly reasonable. Who knows? Not me, it’s disgusting, vile. Get back to work.